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Hello I am Nirup Barnum, an internationally known professional Psychic, and Spiritual Development Coach, trained in India for seven years. 


Since 1990, I have worked with many 1000′s of clients from all over the world, in person, over the phone and the internet.  Guiding others as a clairvoyant and psychic reader, spiritual counselor, and helping other to develop their intuitive and psychic abilities.


I have been on Radio, and Internet TV, I have also created a number of DVD’s, “Insights into a New Way of Living”, “Intuition and Your Inner Knower”, Awakening The Other You, a personal and spiritual development training, as well as a number of self-help CD’s.


Much of my training and own personal and spiritual development came about from my world travels and living in India for several years, as well as further training in Canada and the USA. 


Many people come to me looking for answers to life’s questions, guidance and personal and spiritual development. Every day I am helping those people find the answer they need through my intuition, and higher psychic senses.


I realized that it was also important for my clients to not only get the answers they needed from me, but also from their own inner source of knowing; as in the end it is up to each one of us to make the final decision of what is needed for our own lives.


It was over 15 years ago that I created the ‘Inner Knower Process’ and began working with my clients in guiding them into using their intuition and inner knower. Helping them to gain clarity, direction, decision making and healing in many areas of their lives through their own inner wisdom.


I have created this instructional DVD and Digital Download training and manual, ‘Intuition and Your Inner Knower’ so that you too can learn how to use these simple keys in knowing what your next steps are in life. Helping you to have a happier and more successful life.


Many Blessings, Nirup


More About Nirup


  • Trained in India for seven years at the Osho School of Mysticism in Pune.
  • Provides Psychic and Intuitive Reading, Life Purpose Reading, Soul Reading, Spirit Guide Reading, Past Life Reading, Aura Reading, Chakra Reading and Balancing, Emotional and Spiritual Healing. Inner Child work.
  • Developed the internationally recognized Inner Knower course which assists the client’s innate psychic ability to emerge. Teach the Inner Knower program in person, online, by phone, and Skype internationally.
  • Owned the Osho Meditation Center in Victoria British Columbia.


Consulted with:


  • The Royal Canadian Mounted Police on a missing person’s case
  • Clients who are titans of industry, government, law enforcement, entertainment, and elected officials.


Media Presence


  • Featured writer/expert for Four Corners magazine, a New Age publication.
  • Wrote a weekly column for the Red Rock News, “Tuning in with Nirup”.
  • Featured panelist at the weekly Sedona Psychic Show, fielding live questions from the audience for an Internet show.
  • Interviewed by national radio show hosts.
  • Featured in the Elle Magazine.
  • Featured in Sedona Monthly Magazine.


Member of the:


  • Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association
  • Healing Arts Professional Association
  • Energy Medicine Professional Association
  • Sedona Chamber of Commerce.


Owner of Psychic Readings by Nirup and Sedona Sacred Light Institute
      https://psychicnirup.com and https://sedonasacredlight.com


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So how did I get here? Let me share my story…

From a very early age, I have felt a connection to the spiritual. At the age of four, I began going to church. Here, I felt I belonged–a sense of oneness, feeling the presence of God and the Angels around me.  At the time, I did not understand it all, only that it was a place I sought to be and it was safe and joyful.

Looking back, I realize that my childhood and teenage years were full of family disharmony but this was my springboard for asking, “Why am I here?” That planted the seeds in me to seek and search for understanding who I am.

Though the years as a child and teenager, I continued to attend church, any church, which ever was closest to where we lived at the time, or the new friends I made. I never thought about what denomination it was because to me, it was all the same.

Very often I felt spirits around me, especially at night in my room. So much so my heart was beating so fast I thought I might faint. I did not know how to tell if the spirits were good or bad which frightened me. So I prayed hard to Jesus and God for protection. Nightly in my prayers I found myself asking for guidance and understanding of my life, why was I here and where I was going, why things were the way there were, and to seek help. I had a very difficult and trouble time as a teenager trying to cope and manage my life, which moved me in the direction of experimenting with drugs up until eighteen years old. Until one day a higher power moved me in a whole new direction which began to change my life.  As I grew older, in my twenties i began to explore spirituality and read self help books, I developed a stronger sense of intuition, of “ inner knowing.” For most of my life, the “still, small voice” was part of my daily activities. 

Professionally, I trained in the dental profession—a world of exact science, measurements, and facts. Either there was a cavity or there was not. Either someone needed an extraction or they did not. And yet, even in this exact, scientific world, the “still, small voice” was eloquent, guiding me even in the smallest of details. Often, when working with the dentist, I would consult the chart for today’s to do list and set out the instruments the dentist needed—as well as several which seemed to be superfluous. The dentist would often look at me in surprise—it was like bringing a cake to Martha Stewart’s house when it didn’t seem to be needed. And yet, during the course of the procedure, we DID need those extra instruments. By listening to the “still, small voice,” I saved precious minutes because I didn’t have to dig through the drawer for this or that—the instruments needed were already at hand.

I balanced my scientific side with my creative side. After building my first home, I created the interior design that was comfy and functional. A contractor seeing my work hired me to create the design motif for new homes he built—colors, flooring, lighting, and plumbing fixtures. Becoming enchanted with the world of design, I decided to re-career as an interior designer. 

My intent was to apply to a school in Ontario but God Intervened. After I missed the deadline to apply, I heard the call from God out of the blue–a clear and loud voice–as though it was coming from outside myself. The voice told me to buy a round the world ticket and start traveling. Yes, this meant that I would be leaving everything behind—career, family, friends, and possessions. This was a surprise as it was not something I expected to happen to me. After all in my twenties, I was more conservative than I was adventurous.

So I left behind my career in dentistry and my life in Canada, and began traveling around the world. I set out with my stuffed backpack, my slender guidebook, and continuous guidance from Higher Source. Along my journey, traveling through Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, Thailand, Malaysia, Europe, Mexico, Central America and Bali, I began to find myself and understand who I was–how I fit into this world. By living with people in various nations, I experienced other peoples’ cultures, customs, and spiritual beliefs. I came to realize that at the core of who they are, all people are searching and striving passionately for happiness, meaning in life, and connection through spiritual experiences.

This led me to search more intensely to understand and develop my own spiritual nature, and psychic abilities so I could help others. 

While in Bali, Spirit guided me to a woman who gave me information about the Osho School of Mysticism in Pune, India—and I KNEW I had to go there. I changed my ticket from Greece to India to make this happen. I began formal training and was there for seven years focusing mainly in the areas of Meditation Methods, Psychic Development, Past Lives, Intuitive Counseling, Energy Healing, Personal Development and Spiritual Awakening Techniques. As well as delving deeper into my own Healing and Transformational work of Self Discovery.

Just as a Certified Public Accountant takes Continuing Profession Education (CPE) units to develop new areas of practice, I graduated with a Hikomi Counseling Certification and a Creative Psychological Therapies Certification. I deepened my training in Aura & Chakra Balancing/Healing, Past Life Regression, Psychic development, EFT, Reiki, and Jin Shin Do Acupressure Certification.

I then moved back to Canada and started a meditation and healing center. In addition, I facilitated psychic seminars, workshops and personal sessions. I furthered my psychic and spiritual awakening studies which took me throughout the USA and Canada to learn from advanced teachers. 

I now live and continue my work in Sedona AZ, helping others awaken to their true divine self and to know and create their next steps in their life bringing inner peace, empowerment and fulfillment into their everyday lives. 

When I have free time, I enjoy hiking in the red rocks of Sedona to express my creativity wherever it leads me.

Sedona has a mystical magical beauty all its own. I hope you have the opportunity to visit me.

Many Blessings Nirup