FAQ’s to The Inner Knower Process

FAQ’s to The Inner Knower Process2023-11-28T18:59:09+00:00

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What is the difference between simply asking my mind a question and asking my “Inner Knower” a question?

The mind is duality, there is always an opposite, and with the Inner Knower there is only one answer.  The mind can be based on outside influences that you are catering to, where as the Inner Knower is about your truth.

Do I need a spiritual coach in order to help me progress on my spiritual path?

Yes it is very helpful to have a coach, someone who has gone before you, and knows the steps along the way, so that they can support you and guide you in the best possible way of your awakening.  It can be very difficult to do it on your own, as there are many pitfalls along the path, due to our conditioning and Ego/personality.

Can you force intuition to happen from the mind to get answers?

No intuition is beyond the analytical mind, it is a happening, when you are in a let go of non thinking and analyzing. You will need to clear a space within, a place that is silent away from the thinking process, in order to allow and be aware of the information that wants to come into you from higher source.

How does getting in touch with my intuition relate to the Spiritual realm?

Our intuitive part of us is part of our “Soul self”, part of our spiritual body, which is connected to the spiritual realm, a higher source of energy, you can call it God/Source/Spirit.

How does Intuition come to us, in what forms?

Our intuition is interconnected with all of our other information gathering abilities.  This is part of the confusion, because an intuitive insight can be misidentified as imagination or as a thought or feeling. It can come to us as a flash of insight, a feeling, a knowingness, a nagging feeling, a vision, or a hearing of information that comes to us out of the blue.

Can I ever learn how to totally quiet the mind and my thoughts?

Doing the meditations where you are focused on your energy body, or using the breath will help.  One of the easiest ways is to use the Qi Gong Practice, as then you are focusing on the movements of the physical body, your energy body, the breath, and your awareness is in the moment. This helps you to come out of your thoughts and to be present in the moment. In meditation you are not trying to go somewhere else in the mind, like to a blank space, you are just wanting to bring your awareness, your consciousness into the present moment, and with what is around you, no matter what you are doing, so meditation is not just a technique, it is a state of being.

What can I expect from this training?

In following the course going step by step, through the chapters in sequence, you will be able to connect into your “inner knower”, intuition and higher senses. You will use techniques that will allow you to clear away any blocks, patterns, and beliefs that get in the way of preventing you from creating a life you want. You will learn how to meditate, and quiet the mind. You will have the tools you need for a lifetime, to create a balanced and fulfilling life style.


I want to take this training for my personal and spiritual growth, but feel that due to my Christian upbringing there is something wrong with me getting in touch with my higher self and my guides and angels. Is this training going against my religious beliefs?

Getting in touch with our own inner navigational guide, our “inner knower” is something that is a part of us, it is our birth right. It is a part of our higher soul self that we brought with us when we incarnated into this life time. It is within us to use in order to guide our own life in a way that we need to, in order to be aligned with our right path.

Intuition is known all around the world, by every culture, and every culture has a name for it, in their language. Many other cultures embrace the use of our intuition and higher centers that we have within us, and know they are connected to the divine, to God/Source.

In connecting with this part of ourselves we then have a direct connection to our Guides and Angels and higher aware beings, that are here to support us in this lifetime. Even if your religion does not embrace the idea of life before this life time, you can certainly accept that we are divine beings that have incarnated from God/Source and therefore are part of the whole and never separate from God/Source, or our guides and angles.

Spiritually is not separate from who we are. Spirituality is a part of every religion, it does not need to go against it, however if your teachings are making you feel there is something wrong in your connecting to your divine soul self and to God/Source through this part of you, then you may need to re-pattern some of those beliefs, or let them go using the EFT process.

What is the Inner Knower

We all have a higher mind, higher consciousness, this is part of our soul self; this part of us is beyond the physical body and gross senses. This inner wisdom, inner knowing part allows us to receive information that helps us to know what to get in life and what to avoid, it helps to guide us and protect us, and through this part we can connect to the spiritual realm.

Can I use this “Inner Knower” process to make important decisions, such as career and relationship issues?

Yes, this process can be used very well for making important decisions. It can be a little more in-depth process that will require more questions step by step in asking the phrases, as you unwind your answers. This requires more skill in using the phrasing, so in the beginning of learning the process I suggest you practice it in very simple ways. Then you will be ready for the more important questions and decisions you need to make.

I am afraid that I will never be able to get out of my analytical mind so that I can connect into my higher self, does everyone have the ability to be able to connect to their higher self?

We all have a higher self, it is part of our soul self that incarnated into this physical body, however, soon after birth we are taught more to think with our analytical mind and listen to what other people say we should do and think rather than listen to ourselves. Our higher intuitive part of us is always there, but for most of us is hiding behind the analytical mind. And yes we could all reconnect to it, if we take the proper steps. It is a matter of practice and consciously being aware to use it in our daily life. If you follow the “Inner Knower” process that I have created in the program, you will be able to connect into it. For some people it will be easier than others, depending on how relaxed they allow themselves to be, to get out of their head and into their being, but this too can be learned through this training.

How do I know what is my “Inner Knower” and what is my analytical mind?

The “Inner Knower” part of you has a different feeling to it, meaning when you are in touch with the “Inner Knower”, it is a “knowingness” that you feel within you, and within your body. There is no duality, of this belief, or of that belief, of a yes or no, a right or wrong, it is an “is-ness” or a “truth” to your question. Where as, when it is your analytical mind coming in, there is always a duality existing. Now using the analytical mind you can still make decisions about your life, but the opposite is always there, and in any moment you may choose the opposite depending on your thoughts, feelings, and outside influences. So if possible we want to know what is right for us from our “Inner Knower” then follow with our analytical mind.

How do I know I am not just making up the answer, when I use the “Inner Knower” process?

When you are using the “Inner Knower”, and you go through each step to complete the process of finding your answers, you will actually get a feeling in your body, a calmness, and a sense of relaxation in your body, mind and spirit. The number one comment I hear from clients when working with it is, “I feel different, I feel a relaxation in my body, and there is no more a question, there is only the answer”.

How do I tell whether the answer I am getting is really the right answer or I just think it is the right answer, because I want a certain outcome?

When you are working with the “Inner Knower” process, using the specific steps, there is a phrasing built into the process to check this out, and that phrase is “If I could know what I am really getting is the truth the answer is…..”, if you hear “yes”, then it is correct, if you hear “no” then you need to re-center yourself and use the phrasing again. It is tricky in the beginning because even when you use this phrasing, how do you know that this is also not part of the analytical mind still trying to get a wanted outcome. All I can say is practice, practice and more practice, then it will become easier. Also one thing to be aware of and that is, you may already know what the answer is, what you want the outcome to be, what it should be, yet you are not giving that to yourself which you need because of other thoughts, feelings, beliefs, or outside influences that are getting in the way. So the process can be used to confirm what you already know to be true, and then to help you feel more solid in taking the steps that you need to.

What is the difference between simply asking my mind a question and asking my “Inner Knower” a question?

The mind is duality, there is always an opposite, and with the “Inner Knower” it knows the one answer that is correct for you. The mind can be based on outside influences that you are catering to, where as the “Inner Knower” is about your truth. Now even though you receive your answer, of what is right for you, you may still have to work with other influences surrounding you and the situation. Example, say you are asking about leaving your job. You may hear a “yes” however if you take it further you may hear a “yes, but not right now, first line up another job”, or your inner knower may say “yes but in three months from now”. So it all depends on your question you are asking and the surrounding influences. When asking your question even if you cannot act on it right in the moment it lets you know where you should be going and working towards that which is right for you, rather than staying stuck in a situation.

How is going to the lower belly area to ask my higher self a question going to work, isn’t this just the mind anyway?

Even science says that our belly has a mind of its own. How many times have you heard yourself say, “my gut feeling is telling me”. This is the knowing or feeling part of ourselves, that is connected to our inner higher self.

When you use the process of the “Inner Knower” and connect to this part of the body in the lower belly area, bringing your aware 100% in this area, you will be away from your head, your thinking process. You will have moved towards your center of knowing.

Now, your center of knowing is not really actually in the belly, but can be felt there; it is not part of the physical body, it is part of your higher consciousness. In order to have the sense of moving away from our thinking process and move into our knowing and feeling center, it is good to move downward to the belly area. As then when we get our answer, we have a centered grounded feeling in us that helps to feel within us our truth.

What can the “Inner Knower” process be used for in my daily life?

The “Inner Knower” process can be used from the time you get up in the morning until the time you go to bed; because once you develop your inner knowing you can use it to know what steps or feelings you have about anything happening in your life. When using this process you are more likely to give yourself what you really need and what is best for you in the moment.

It can override your analytical mind when you feel you are “shoulding” yourself, meaning, “I should do this”, “I should do that”. Sometimes it is good to give ourselves a break from “shoulding on ourselves”. Example, you wake up and it is your day off, instead of going to the analytical mind and making a list of everything that you should do, take a moment first and then ask, “if I could know what I would really love to do for myself this morning on my day off, it would be to…..”, let the answer come. It may be, stay in bed a little longer, take yourself out to breakfast, take a walk, play with my children, go visit friends or family, etc.

The idea is to get in touch with your inner truth, what your higher part of you knows would be the best thing for you, to nurture yourself. And yes there may still be things you have to do, but you will be creating some balance and nurturing for yourself.

You can also use the “Inner Knower” process for asking simple question such as, when shopping, knowing what to eat that would be best for you, making decisions about family and friends, activities, as well as more important decisions such as career, relationships, inner well being and more. Practicing with simple everyday decisions will help you to deepen your connection with your inner self, and allow you to trust it more in bigger decisions that have to be made.

How should I practice the “Inner Knower” process?

In the beginning you will want to practice using the phrases I have set up in the manual. Work with it in a quiet setting, not when you are distracted, or having other people around you, as you will want to get to know the feelings and sensations of how it feels to connect to the “inner knower”. An important piece to using this process in the beginning and that is, you need to say the phrases out loud, otherwise you will be in your head thinking about the question from the analytical mind.